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Stovepipe Hat

It would be difficult to find a place less likely to have the latest New York fashion trends than 1898 Dunnellon. Dunnellon was in the midst of a mining boom and every Friday at 5:00 PM the town was overrun with miners from the outlying area. They came with a week’s  pay  in their  pocket […]

Gator Tales

Spotting a big gator in the wild can be an intimidating event. As a native reflecting back on a lifetime of swimming and scuba diving in Florida waters, often with gators around, I can say with absolute certainty that the interaction between man and alligator is far from benign. It was a November Saturday sometime […]

News And Notices of The “Day” (1941)

Mayor Molnar was once again prevalent in the April 18, 1941 edition of the Dunnellon Sun newspaper. In the Wednesday session, Chief R.A. McDaniel arrested Will Randolph and his wife Annie Mae Randolph, both colored. They had been arrested by Mayor Molnar’s court once again for fighting. The couple claimed in court that they were […]

The Random Chimney In The Woods

Those kayakers stopping for a short break had no idea they were standing in the middle of Buckingham Road. They did not realize they had landed in the middle of town. Their oversight is understandable given the fact they had stopped on a natural section of riverbank miles from the nearest paved road. The story […]


When I started writing about the history of our home town, I spoke of similarities our town had with the Cross Creek of Marjorie Kennon Rawlings. It has been many years since I last read Cross Creek, but I have not forgotten the story of Miss Rawlings favorite cook , Geechee. That is a name […]

The Other Creek

Make no mistake Cross Creek is a great book. As I read Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ book for the first time all those years ago I had a vague feeling that I knew the characters. This should be no surprise. The “old folks” that I knew growing up in our community lived in the same era […]