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Excitement of A Different Kind

Excitement of A Different Kind

We all define fun and exciting in different ways. As a younger man, I made going to work exciting by running my motorcycle 110+ plus in the wee hours of the morning when I had the road to myself. I’m no longer sure what the most memorable underwater adventure is but encountering a warning sign in an underwater cavern that had skull and cross bones for each of the previous divers that had ignored the warning comes to mind. Perhaps I am getting older or perhaps it’s that my Kawasaki needs 4 new carburetors. Whatever the reasons behind it when I look at this week and where the action is I find it at an unexpected place. The Dunnellon Public library.

I always find the study of history more interesting at the personal level. Reading the diary of a soldier is much more impactful than reading a history book. You can read the account of 1 million allied soldiers crossing the English Channel at D-Day and it is just facts and numbers. Reading the account of a soldier that stormed the beach or piloted a landing craft tells the real story and helps you understand what happened more clearly. The events that preceded hostilities and came after V-E and V-J day are equally important in telling the story of the great war to end all wars World War II.

The event at the Dunnellon public library at 2:00 PM on November 9th features the author of a book about just such a World War II soldier in the aftermath of WWII . This is interesting enough in itself but there is more to the story. The soldier in question, Eugene J. Herzog, was a German soldier and his diary is about the time he spent in an allied POW camp. I do not know his story but I look forward to reading it. I can’t think of a better time and place to read the story of someone who represents a different point of view than the day after a divisive election that has rendered many Americans unwilling to speak to friends and neighbors from a different political party.

Who says the library can’t be an exciting place? And you don’t have to risk your driver’s license to enjoy it.